My name was given by my dad, Mr.Luawi and you can call me Nor Adibah, Diba, Adibah or Diba chan. I do business and study at the same time. 20 to be and a pink lover, but not so obsess with the color.

I speak malay, english and Japanese ( no lies ). It's because I love Japanese manga, anime, food and culture very much! I learnt Japanese since I was 13 from a Japanese teacher in my school. I can watch anime or Japanese drama for 24 hours non stop (I mean, I do stop to eat,toilet,pray etc).

Was born on April 28 1994 and I loveeee tea very much. Oolong tea? green tea? milk tea? three layer tea? volcano tea? sabahan tea? You name it. I can drink them all--

Enjoy blogging, eating, tea-ing (lol), watching drama and talking with my boyfriend.

So if you have any inquiries,questions,orders etc do reach me at adibahluawi@gmail.com or sms 0172745788.

Just sms me for a quick reply. Yeah sorry I don't have wecht,whatapps,line or so on. Hehe

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