01 December, 2013


one of my housemates

Just so you know that I'm studying Hotel Management and this program is quite easy compared to my courses at matriculation. And we need to do lotsa practical learning instead of theoretical learning. That's why this program is quite easy because we don't have a bunch of assignments to do (just like my roomates who's taking business program). Pity them miahahaha

My house (or you can say apartment? ) consists of 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. And we have 4 people sleeping,studying and eating in each room. So if we total up I have 8 housemates (including me) =D

Well, its kinda annoying having too many housemates haha. Most of them are okay and I don't mind if I have to live with them again next semester.

I have a housemate that always, I repeat ALWAYS left the wastes in the sink basin. She always left her apple skin, leftover etc in the sink. I felt like I wanna slap her haha. And she sleep early every night and she switch off all the lamps in our room. F her.

And I have a housemate who's a slowpoke. She's absent minded and always asks the same things to me. (sometimes I wonder, doesn't she has a brain to store some memories?) She's a bit annoying but I still like her compared to the girl I mention before. Yeah, she always ask me the same thing, doing the wrong things many times as if I didn't tell her before. Grrr

The most annoying part is when she wake up early in the morning and she forgot that we have a class at 8 AM! I don't know how can she forget that! We go to that class every week you know.

But its okay. I still can go on with her.

The rest is okay. I don't have any problems with them. *sigh*

But still, I love all my roommates and housemates =)

P/S: I don't care if my housemates read this post because they already know what I think about them =)
hihihi I'm honest you know

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