29 May, 2011


Cerita ni hanyalah rekaan semata-mata.

                Do you ever feel like losing all your spirit? And feel like you are such a loser? I felt all the feelings once. It was happened in my life 2 years ago, when I was fifteen. Until now, I always remember the time I’m such a loser but I succeed to get rid of the loser life. I was not a excellent student in my school yet. I don’t have a flawless face like anyone else. Yes, I was neglected because my face skin is not as fair as the other girls. They called me ‘Sleeping Beast’ once.

               At school, I tried to join some sports and tried harder to be a part of the team. But, like I said before, I thought I am a loser that cannot do anything. I wanted to play hockey very much but I’m a coward. I hate being hurt by the hard hockey ball. I was also tried to play basketball, but I can’t stand the rough training. I must running around the field 30 times per day! How could I do that? I thought it is impossible.

             The pain in my life was not only that. In my study, I got E grade. Almost every subject I got scolded by the teachers because of my marks. At school, besides being scolded about the results, I was the lowest achiever in my school. My own teachers called me stupid weirdo. I felt like my heart sank on a rock and scattered.  I felt really sad. Day by day, my motivation turns to zero. The loser and pathetic words keep playing in my mind.

              My mother keep asking me, how is my life at school and I will tell her that everything was alright. I wore the half-broken shoe as my school shoe. The sole was half torn but I still wearing it. For me, as long as I can walk, so it is okay. The truth is, I don’t want my parents feel uneasy with me. Although they have lots of money, I thought it’s not all for me because I have 3 more siblings. Of course the money is for them too.

             My life started when one day I went to an American football tournament. The match was between the two famous colleges. I went to see the tournament because I do really love this sport after watching an anime titled ‘Eyeshield 21’. During the match, I was attracted with the captain of ‘Red Scorpion’ team. It is because, he was so determined to win the game with his full effort and he never gave up. I saw his eyes shone that time. I adore his style and self-confidence. How I wished I can be like him.

Apa yang terjadi seterusnya?? Kita tunggu episod yang akan datang~~ chowzz

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